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Many people believe that equality between men and women is so natural that it no longer needs to be discussed. And yet there are still areas in which we keep falling into old patterns: such as online dating. What can we do against it?

When it comes to traditional dating netiquette, it’s a very clear one: When it comes to dating, men take the first step, they are the ones who write to us first, pay us, hold the door for us and make sure that the taxi is really for us brings home.

And if he is then waiting for the first message and only he has your cell phone number but you do not have his (you make the mistake once and then never again), you ask yourself why he is not writing and at the same time you are annoyed about it Situation you have put yourself in – welcome, my dear, back to the traditional pattern of partner choice. Once again you managed to throw all feminist principles overboard.

taken for granted by women and men – nevertheless, with (online) dating we quickly fall back into old patterns and just continue the vicious circle. We fight back, the men are at a loss and

The entrepreneur Andrey Andreew also recognized that there is a dichotomy between feminist claims and the reality of online dating. He then developed the dating app Badoo in 2006, which shook up the traditional (and annoying) patterns of online dating. Because: Badoo works according to different rules than other dating apps.

With these rules, we can live up to our feminist self-claims much more – and design the online dating game so that we women no longer have the feeling of being prey in the zoo and being watched by hungry animals, and as quickly as possible want to flee from it again.

We only have the conversations we really feel like having. The principle of Badoo is very simple: If a user likes it, you swipe to the right. If it’s a match, you have the opportunity to chat with each other. If no match has come about, the man still has the chance to score points with the woman. However, he should take this chance with caution – if the woman has not responded after two messages, the message option is blocked.

We free ourselves from the assumption that the man must always take the first step.

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