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There are no papers for many of the things that are shown on the posters at the conference and that are often really relevant for our group. This applies in particular to things that are shown there from a company context. This means that for us posters are often the only sources for certain things, so that you can look up them in the proceedings or put them in your literature database. In these cases, every detail on the posters is potentially valuable to us.

“Commercial-like” posters that are so incomplete that they cannot be understood without personal explanations are, in retrospect, as good as worthless to us. The personal conversation with the author is of course super important, but with around 800 posters a day over 4 days it is simply not possible to speak to all the authors you would like to speak to. As I said, only the poster remains with the ones you don’t catch.

I have been working as a resident neurologist for 12 years now and I am happy for every patient who informs himself about his illness in advance. This usually saves me time when explaining. It only becomes exhausting when patients question every diagnostic / therapeutic step several times and do not trust the doctor. The esotericists are really bad here, with whom you sometimes have the feeling that they only come to the practice to complain about conventional medicine.

So let your doctor know if he seems sensible, trust his assessment. In my experience, second and third opinions are usually not really helpful (3 doctors – 4 opinions).

I used to make settings after deep brain stimulation and thus know something about the matter. Medical technology companies such as Medtronic have in-depth knowledge of stimulation technology, but IT security is not their strength. But I don’t think this is a future technology. This therapy does not stop the disease from progressing, it only relieves symptoms. In the future, real progress will probably only be achieved through gene therapy or the use of stem cells, then with completely different ethical issues.

Hanging in the 1822 trap for weeks: Request a pin by phone -> is entered in the 1822 + app -> system reports successful execution -> the next time you log in to the browser, a new phone pin is requested again. disgusting.

I have to say, I don’t understand a little bit about your problems with online banking. When my fun fund informed me three (!) Months ago with every (!) Login that SMS-TAN would be switched off, I went to the branch around the corner and explained to them that, due to various lectures that I gave at the CCC I’ve heard the devil will do and I download an “app” on a “smartphone” to do banking.

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