The Disadvantages of Blind Dating – The Other Side

Meeting the perfect person for you is something that relies on many things. Giving the best account of your personality is a part of it, as is a sense of optimism and purpose. And as much as anything else, pure luck can make a big difference. Of course, we all have a large amount of luck in our lives. In some cases it is mostly good luck, in others it may be mostly bad. The kind of luck we have governs many things, and our dating experiences are among those things.

Luck is a part of dating, whatever branch of dating you pursue. If you go for blind dating you are relying on that spark being there when you meet up and go on a date. If you are lucky, you will find that you both enjoy the same things and you can make each other laugh or smile. If you are unlucky, then the whole evening can go like a meeting from Hell. The unfortunate part of this is that being fixed up by a friend means that you cannot be too quick to apportion blame, for fear of souring a good friendship.

The blind date also has pitfalls for the match maker. If you arrange a date for two friends, then you are creating the possibility that one of them will blame you if it goes wrong. It also puts you in an awkward position if a friend comes to you asking specifically that you arrange for them to go out with one of your friends. If that goes badly they can end up not trusting you.

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