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3 Online Dating Tips You Should Follow

What you think of online dating first matters much more than what you really need. What you know about yourself prior to demanding features from three months to strangers in polite business. Gone are many important dating etiquette rules. Gone are rules that say you must be a certain way, not only in body but also in mind. But mostly successful when navigating online dating.

When you think of online dating rules, you usually think of security and safety, and the features that come with some online dating sites. Safety is of course the first concern, what you want to find out about a potential partner. And safety comes in many forms. Safety comes from using online dating apps that have good privacy policies and from being careful to screen your information (profile, pictures) before giving it to another person.

But let’s look beyond those first date ideas. There are so many more: Safety rules include making sure you know your place of business, are aware of your neighbors, are aware of your parking situation, are aware of your neighborhood. Safety rules also include not lying about your height or age, not sending out multiple messages in one time frame, not answering too many personal questions, never hitting send. These online dating rules are there to protect you, but they are also there to open you up.

That is, to say that you do not feel beholden to someone else, or to anyone for that matter, and that you trust yourself enough to be honest. You can then take the next step forward with your online dating profile. You can talk about yourself, show a bit about yourself, and maybe even add a short note or two about where you went on your recent vacation, or what activities you plan to do. The online dating rules will still apply, however: Do not lie about how old you are, or about what you did during your vacation.

And now we come to that all important first date! Where do you go and who do you meet? First dates are often very casual and therefore should be treated as such. In fact, online dating tips advocate meeting somewhere out in the open, perhaps in a coffee shop or a restaurant, and spending some quality time together. This first date will get you familiar with the other person, will get you talking, and will help you establish some ground rules for your online relationship.

If you are going to a restaurant for your first date, ask to meet them there. Find out if they have a preferred place to eat, or if they like to hang out at the movies, or the beach. If you know they’re going to a place that you haven’t been to, and you want to try out that restaurant, ask to be taken there on your first date. That will give you both a chance to experience the ambiance of the place together before you both decide to pursue a relationship with each other.

If you are meeting someone online for the first time, meet in an environment that’s similar to places you’ve already met offline, i.e. in a coffee shop or in a park. Online dating tips advocate avoiding new places until you feel completely comfortable with the woman or man you’re meeting online.

Another thing to remember is that you do not have to rush your decision to meet in person. Give yourself some space to get to know the other person, and only then start thinking about meeting in person. And of course, one of the most important online dating tips out there is this: Make sure you respect the other person’s privacy, and don’t share too much personal information about yourself. After all, there are many people you will meet online, and you don’t want to risk getting hurt or disappointed by someone you meet online!

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